All Things Pork

Welcome to the Soul Food Menu. We got a pork extravaganza lined up for you this weekend. This is every meat eater’s dream come true menu! Orders close at 10PM (10th July) or until stocks last. Pickups will be on 11th July for Dinner and details will be sent post confirmation of the order over SMS. Orders and pickups for customers in Bangalore only!

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Bacon & Apple Jam By The Tradition Kitchen
Smokey bacon morsels with grated apple, slow cooked for 5 hours to create a delicious jam - salty, sweet and a hint of chilli in every bite. Best with breads & crackers | 1 jar
₹ 550 Out of stock
Chilli Pork By Apron Tales
This spicy pork rendition is the perfect touchings with your evening drink | Serves 1
₹ 450 Out of stock
Pork Cutlets By Bengaluru Oota Company
Perfectly seasoned fried goodness | 5 pcs
₹ 315 Out of stock
Pork Rillettes By NĀVU Project
Confit pork shoulders with gherkins, capers, crusty baguette | Serves 1
₹ 495 Out of stock
Smoked Pork Pickle By Gautam Krishnankutty
Cubes of smoked Pork pickled with fiery Chillis, Mustard, Garlic and Ginger. Served with Pao | Serves 1
₹ 485 Out of stock
Main Course
Doh Nei ïong By Rita Blah
Khasi black sesame pork, an heirloom recipe using Himalayan black sesame all the way from Shillong | Serves 1
₹ 485 Out of stock
Dukra Maas By Bengaluru Oota Company
Pork Bafat, a spicy & flavourful hot traditional Mangalorean catholic curry. Comes with Sannas | Serves 1
₹ 495 Out of stock
Lomo Saltado By NĀVU Project
Chinese miners working in Peru invented this dish Stir fried Pork tenderloin with rice & finger chips Serves 1
₹ 750 Out of stock
Pandi Curry with Kadambuttu By The Restaurant Coorg
Traditional Kodava style hearty & flavourful Pandi curry | 5 pcs of kadambuttu
₹ 440 Out of stock
Pandi Pulav By Bengaluru Oota Company
Gowda style green masala Pork pulav. Served with pachadi and pudhina chutney Serves 1
₹ 550 Out of stock
Piggy Chops By The Tradition Kitchen
Moist fall off the bone pork chops cooked in a white wine Rosemary sauce with apples. Served along with mash potatoes and grilled veg | Serves 1
₹ 750 Out of stock
Roast Belly Ribs By NĀVU Project
NĀVU spin on Asian ribs & Dutch 'potato mash' with Hutspot (carrot, potato, caramelised onion) & gravy Serves 1
₹ 750 Out of stock
Thit Kho By Gautam Krishnankutty
Vietnamese Soy Caramel Pork stew with Shiitake Mushrooms, Boiled Egg and Potato | Serves 1
₹ 625 Out of stock
Sweet Braided Bread with decadent chocolate
₹ 750 Out of stock
Mac N Cheese
Mac N Cheese with Bacon, Gremolata and Truffle Oil
₹ 550 Out of stock
Apple & Caramel Bacon Pie By Naati Crew Kitchen
Hand rolled buttery flaky pie crust with cheddar stuffed with sliced apples , salted apple caramel and chunks of salty fried bacon, served with whipped cream | 1 pc- 180 gms
₹ 395 Out of stock
Rum, Chocolate & Bacon Pie By Naati Crew Kitchen
Hand rolled buttery flaky pie crust filled with a gooey mess of rum and dark chocolate speckled with chunky bacon bits served with whipped cream 1 pc- 180 gms
₹ 395 Out of stock