Sunday Brunch Special

The Soul Food Menu is taking a new route for this weekend to your heart with our Sunday Brunch Box special. Choose from 3 chefs and their 3 interpretations of the perfect Sunday brunch. Pickups will be on the 9th of August from The Courtyard in Shantinagar from 11AM onwards.

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Lore's Brunch For 2
Brunch Box by Lore
Breakfast Syndrome- French Toast, Eggs, Sausage & Bacon with hash all made into a bite size snack {4pcs DIY assembly} | Micro Appam - Fluffy Micro-sponge rice cakes Served with white peas and farmlore tomato
₹ 1600 Out of stock
Anurag's Brunch For 2
Brunch Box by Anurag
Wild Mushroom and Truffle Tartine (2pcs) -Wild mushrooms paired with a shallot soubise and parmesan cream on a home-made sourdough bread. A dash of truffle oil | Pain Perdu (1 large portion) - Overnight soaked home-made brioche, toasted and torched. Accompanied by a chocolate and creme diplomat with a touch of hazelnuts | Canelé (2 pcs) - A french pastry masterpiece. Crunchy burnished exterior complimented by a soft custard within. All vanilla and some spiced rum.
₹ 1600 Out of stock
Ben's Brunch for 2
Brunch Box by Ben
English Breakfast Casserole (1 big portion) - Sausages, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes baked with baked beans and Yorkshire pudding | Beef Chimichurri Grilled Cheese (2pcs) - Grilled Beef tenderloin topped with chimichurri sauce, Colby and Monterrey Jack | Patatas Bravas w/ Chorizo Hollandaise (2 tubs) - Crispy fried skin on potato wedges tossed in a hollandaise made with rendered chorizo fat and chunks of chorizo | Peanut butter and jelly puffs (2pcs)
₹ 1600 Out of stock
Brews By Coffee Mechanics
21 hour slow brewed specialty coffee. Tastes best when had on ice. 250 ML
₹ 220 Out of stock
HOT BREW | DIY Drip-to-go Bags Inch Perfect
Specialty Arabica blend, our classic medium roasted coffee with balanced flavour profile. Recommended to be had black (Set of 2)
₹ 175 Out of stock
HOT BREW | DIY- Drip-To-Go Bags Left Hook
A specialty Arabica French roast, for the one who has a palate for a strong shot or prefer coffee with milk (Set of 2)
₹ 175 Out of stock